Teresa Hardy


Teresa Hardy is an experienced Executive Manager with over 16 + years of experience working in information technology consulting. Strong professional skills in Program and Project Management, IT Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Design, Business Process Improvement, and Project Management Office (PMO). Success in strategic planning, providing solutions, and managing projects in all phases of development. Effective and efficient in defining program objectives, satisfying requirements, interfacing with clients, and checking strategies for optimal results.

Hardy has a proven history of evaluating IT policies and procedures, providing improvement, and complying with all established standards. Ability to interview and approve qualified staff, leading PMO teams to resolve business problems and boost enterprise-level financial systems and legacy workflow systems. Ambitious to serve a company that emphasizes a vision of customer-focused and value-based IT solutions

Bachelor of Science
Management Information Systems/Human Resource Management
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

1514 E. Cleveland Avenue
Suite 82
Atlanta, GA 30344

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