Nicolette Washington


Nicolette Washington has experience in planning, zoning, and development, as well as environmental regulations. Upon graduating from the University of Georgia, she worked for the University’s Environmental Safety Department and provided insight and guidance to ensure compliance. While there, Nikki also worked directly with state and local governments and fortified a passion for the public sector. This role further guided her to pursue a Master of Public Administration, where she studied the inner workings of government and the importance of strategic planning.

In her role as Senior Planner at The Collaborative Firm, Nikki provides comprehensive planning, redevelopment plans, transportation planning, and NEPA regulations for several governmental clients including College Park Professional Planning Services and the Stonecrest Zoning Ordinance, GD West Express Lanes. She also guides them in achieving their respective planning and revitalization goals.

Bachelor of Science
Environmental Health
The University of Georgia

Master of Public Administration
The University of Georgia

1514 E. Cleveland Avenue
Suite 82
Atlanta, GA 30344

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