Kc Krzic


Kc Krzic has 20+ years of experience in various aspects of community planning and land development in both the public and private sectors. Her extensive background includes comprehensive planning, zoning, economic development, and land use policies. She also has expertise in the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, and preservation of community landmarks and historic places.

As Principal Planner, KC co-manages the Planning Team. She also develops land use plans and zoning ordinances, and implements programs instrumental in creating vibrant communities, accommodating population growth, and revitalizing physical facilities in towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas. KC works closely with public officials, internal and external stakeholders, and other groups to identify issues and community goals to implement the vision and achieve intended results. She leads several Planning projects for the Firm, including the Forest Park Zoning Ordinance, Stockbridge Zoning Ordinance, Roswell Comprehensive Plan and Clayton County Professional Planning Services. She previously supported Planning efforts for the Clayton County Zoning Ordinance, College Park Zoning Ordinance, Meriwether County Comp Plan, and the East Point Comp Plan.

Bachelor of Arts
Urban Planning & Development

Master of Science
Urban & Regional Planning
Eastern Michigan University

1514 E. Cleveland Avenue
Suite 82
Atlanta, GA 30344

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