Azy Kashani


Azy Kashani has 12+ years of domestic and global marketing experience, with an emphasis on branding, communications, strategy and development, and client/partner relationships. Azy extensive marketing and communications experience, which includes the unique ability to create a powerful toolkit of knowledge and best practices for working with a wide variety of brands, including Universal Pictures, Coca-Cola, and Clorox.

In her role as Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Azy serves as Community Engagement lead for several client projects including Henry County Transportation Master Plan, Stockbridge Zoning Ordinance, and Forest Park Zoning Ordinance. She also serves on Business Development Team and is responsible for identifying new business opportunities, establishing partnerships, and building business relationships.

Bachelor of Science
Communications & Journalism
Kennesaw State University

1514 E. Cleveland Avenue
Suite 82
Atlanta, GA 30344

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