Dear Valued Client,

This is a time of unknowns and uncertainty. As we continue to monitor COVID-19, our first priority is for the safety of all individuals impacted by these difficult circumstances and the well-being of our clients and employees. The Collaborative Firm (TCF) remains open for business. We are encouraging our people to work remotely, as approved by the client, and to practice social distancing. Fewer people working in our offices is an additional precaution to reduce the potential spread of the virus, with the goal of keeping our work environments, families, and communities safe.

Office Operations

TCF’s ability to deliver for our clients is paramount, and we remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service in a safe and responsible manner. Our senior management team has established protocols that are being implemented to ensure operations and the continuity of our services are not impacted during these unprecedented times. We will continue to evaluate our systems and enhance plans, as needed, to mitigate risks and prepare us for future unforeseen circumstances.

Information Technology & Systems

The Collaborative Firm has invested in technology that allows our employees to work remotely while remaining connected to clients and employees without impacting the efficiency of our operations.  The Firm continues to utilize the following policies:

  • Teleworking Operations Policy
  • Interactive Video Conferencing Platform (used for external communication including community engagement)
  • Quality Assurance Program

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by this crisis. We encourage everyone to remain cautious and educated. For your convenience, we are providing you a direct link to  CDC COVID-19 and we trust that you will find it useful.  

While we are navigating challenging times and the days ahead may look different than we’re accustomed to, we do not anticipate that COVID-19 will cause disruption in our ability to service our clients. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and we remain committed to providing quality service. Please stay safe and healthy.


Michael Hightower, Managing Partner

1514 E. Cleveland Avenue
Suite 82
Atlanta, GA 30344

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