The Collaborative Firm’s urban planners have a plethora of industry experience working with public and private sector clients in the areas of land use planning, community redevelopment, urban design and planning staff extension. Through meaningful collaboration, our planners are committed to advocating for community and client needs, including smart economic growth, sustainability and resilience.

Our strategic solutions are supported by mission-driven, agile and inclusive innovative tools designed to achieve client goals. We recognize the importance of stakeholder participation, and incorporate community engagement strategies into our planning initiatives.


Services Areas

Comprehensive Planning

The Collaborative Firm, LLC offers the comprehensive planning expertise of seasoned professionals with extensive governmental experience. This experience makes our Firm uniquely qualified to update your local Comprehensive Plan, enabling your local jurisdiction to anticipate and plan for future growth, while complying with the Local Planning Requirements established by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Local Planning Studies

Our planners recognize the benefits of specialized, community-driven planning studies. Through close coordination with local officials, citizens and other key stakeholders, our local planning studies offer a carefully tailored approach to assessing the needs of a specific study area and recommending strategic initiatives to address the needs of the community.

Zoning Ordinances and Overlay Districts

Zoning ordinances and overlay districts are important tools for effectively guiding land use and development. Through appropriate regulations, a community can enhance development standards, manage growth, preserve natural and historic resources, generate economic development, and provide for the health and safety of its citizens.

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines provide communities with standards for quality development reaching beyond the scope of most zoning ordinances or development regulations. The Collaborative Firm assists communities with gathering public input, collaborating with key stakeholders and creating appropriate guidelines to provide for inviting public spaces, attractive architectural features, appropriate building materials, landscaping, and other aesthetic enhancements.

Planning Staff Extension

The Collaborative Firm has experience with assisting local governments with a range of different planning services, from current planning efforts all the way to long-range planning and more specialized plans.  The Firm can work with individual clients to determine if only some services are needed, or if the Firm should provide all planning services.  The Firm has the staff and the experience to make any and all staff extensions cost-effective and productive for local governments.

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